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Hades' unsuccessful attempt at conquering the gods has left the world weakened. The Goddesses of Fate have convened to locate a source of power to help strengthen the world's defenses. The journey to locate the source of power will be a treacherous pursuit through unexplored lands that will push each hero to their limits. Only time will tell if the tides have shifted and preventing the coming of the next Ragnarok has been averted.

The Radiant Temple

Explore this never before seen instance and face the dangers that lurk in every corner and crevice of this temple. This instance will require the expertise of experienced warriors in order to have the slightest chance at survival.

Exalted Strength

Reach for a higher level of power and unlock your celestial strength. This new system will unlock new perks including, new equipment, a new instance, and activate other new features.

Champion's Arena

A new PVP arena will be available for all champions craving to take on the strongest of their servers. The arena will have a balancing system, to ensure fair combat to all who step foot with its walls, and have new rewards.

The Endless Stairs

Be the first to challenge this difficult instance and push your hero to its limits. This single player instance has 100 levels, a variety of puzzles, and a multitude of boss fights.

And More!

Expect to find new quests, items, zones, new pet and player systems, intense PVP, and new pets!

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